Canvas is an on-going recording project started by Matt Sweitzer and Chris Cobel back in 1993. We've released three albums... "Avenues", a double CD from 2002, "Digital Pigeon", from 2007 and our latest album called "Long Way To Mars", from 2013.

October Tree is an on-going recording project led by Greg and Tammy Lounsberry, with the debut album "The Fairy's Wing" released in 2012. Another album is in the works with guest appearances by the Canvas Productions players, and some recent contributions from new and old friends. 

The Canvas Prog Hour is a bi-weekly radio show presentation of classic to current jazz fusion, prog and art rock with your host, Matt Sweitzer.

Canvas Productions is an independent record label and a network of home studios. Originally formed as a vehicle for the Canvas releases, we now have October Tree and Troposphere as part of the lineup.

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