The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 603
In Focus-The Doobie Brothers-"The Captain And Me"-1973
Flying Colors-Forever In A Daze-Flying Colors-2012 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
The Flower Kings-Chicken Farmer Song-Space Revolver-2000 (Roine Stolt & Jonas Reingold)
Riverside-Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By A Hat?)-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Chris Squire-Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side (1975)-Fish Out Of Water-2018 (Bill Bruford & Patrick Moraz)
Blood, Sweat & Tears-Lucretia's Reprise-3-1970
Andrew Lloyd Weber-What's The Buzz-Jesus Christ Superstar-1970 (Ian Gillan)
Kings X-Honesty-Ogre Tones-2005
Santana-All I Ever Wanted-Marathon-1979 (Graham Lear)
Magnetic Sound Machine-Camel Trouble-Chances & Accidents-2010
Sweet-Sweet F.A.-Desolation Boulevard-1974
The Doobie Brothers-Natural Thing-The Captain And Me-1973 (Tom Johnston)
The Doobie Brothers-Dark Eyed Cajun Woman-The Captain And Me-1973 (Pat Simmons)
Nektar-Remember The Future (Part 1)-Remember The Future-1973 (Roye Albrighton)
Magnatar-New Galaxy-Parallel Worlds-2018
Caravan-In The Land Of Grey And Pink-In The Land Of Grey And Pink-1971 (Richard Sinclair)
Camel-Metrognome-Rain Dances-1977 (Richard Sinclair)
Izz-The Three Seers-Everlasting Instant-2015
Antoine Fafard-The Chamber-Occultus Tramitis-2013 (Dave Weckl & Scott Henderson)
Kansas-The Absence Of Presence-The Absence Of Presence-2020 (Tom Brislin & Zak Rizvi)
District 97-I Can't Take You With Me-Hybrid Child-2010
The Doobie Brothers-Clear As The Driven Snow-The Captain And Me-1973 (Tiran Porter)
Zero 7-In The Waiting Line-Simple Things-2001 (Sophie Barker)
Zero 7-Passing By-When It Falls-2004 (Sophie Barker)
Zero 7-The Pageant Of The Bizarre-The Garden-2006 (Sia Furler)
Nad Sylvan-The Killing Of The Calm-Courting The Widow-2015 (Doane Perry & Nick Beggs)
Ultravox-The Voice-Rage In Eden-1981
Steve Hackett-Prairie Angel/A Place Called Freedom-Beyond The Shrouded Horizon-2011 (Jonathan Mover)
Ambrosia-Still Not Satisfied-Road Island-1982 (Burleigh Drummond)
Dire Straits-The Man's Too Strong-Brothers In Arms-1985
The Dregs-Kat Food-Unsung Heroes-1981 (Steve Morse & Rod Morgenstein)
The Doobie Brothers-Without You-The Captain And Me-1973 (John Hartman)
The Doobie Brothers-Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners-The Captain And Me-1973
Canvas-Move The Earth-Digital Pigeon-2007
Fernando Perdomo-The Great Known-Out To Sea 3 The Storm-2020
Thin Lizzy-Still In Love With You-Live And Dangerous-1978 (Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham)
ESP Project-Before The Fall-3-2019
The John Irvine Band-...And How Much For The Robot?-The Machinery Of The Heavens-2020
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (Mike Portnoy)
May Inoue-Comet 84-Stereo Champ-2017
Baker Gurvitz Army-People-Elysian Encounter-1975 (Ginger Baker)
The Doobie Brothers-Ukiah/The Captain And Me-The Captain And Me-1973 (Michael Hossack)
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