The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 620
In Focus-Sweet-"Desolation Boulevard"-1975
Saga-It's Time (Chapter Three)-Images At Twilight-1979
Chris Thompson-Father Of Day-Berlin Live-2011
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Spirit In The Night-Nightingales & Bombers-1975 (Mick Rogers)
Transatlantic-Reaching For The Sky-The Absolute Universe/The Breath Of Life-2021 (Mike Portnoy)
Akira Jimbo-Hocus Pocus-28 N.Y. Blue-2021 (Oz Noy)
The Alan Parsons Project-May be A Price To Pay-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980 (David Paton)
Mahogany Rush-Moonlight Lady-Strange Universe-1975 (Frank Marino)
The Free Design-Kites Are Fun-Kites Are Fun-1967
Steely Dan-Home At Last-Aja-1977 (Bernard Purdie & Larry Carlton)
Starcastle-To The Firewind-Starcastle-1976
Sweet-Ballroom Blitz/No You Don't-Desolation Boulevard-1975 (Brian Connolly)
Keith Emerson Tribute-Karn Evil 9-Keith Emerson Tribute Concert-2021 (Marc Bonilla)
Nazareth-This Flight Tonight-Loud 'N' Proud-1973
The Dregs-Blood Sucking Leeches-Industry Standard-1982 (Rod Morgenstein)
Eric Johnson-Emerald Eyes (1976)-Seven Worlds-1998
Kansas-The Absence Of Presence-The Absence Of Presence-2020 (Tom Brislin)
Led Zeppelin-The Song Remains The Same-Houses Of The Holy-1973
Steve Lukather-Transition-Transition-2012 (Tal Wilkenfeld)
Steve Lukather-Bluebird-Luke-1997
Toto-Child's Anthem/Angela-Toto-1978 (Jeff Porcaro)
3rd Matinee-Silver Cage-Meanwhile-1994 (Patrick Leonard & Richard Page)
Sweet-Sweet F.A.-Desolation Boulevard-1975 (Steve Priest)
Van Halen-Eruption/Feel Your Love Tonight-Van Halen-1978
Van Halen-Spanish Fly/Light Up The Sky-Van Halen II-1979
Van Halen-Mean Street-Fair Warning-1981
Kiyomi Otaka-# 26-Out Of Sight-2001 (Dave Weckl & Gary Willis)
Trillion-Big Boy-Trillion-1978 (Patrick Leonard)
Toy Matinee-Things She Said (Alt Version)-Toy Matinee-1990 (Patrick Leonard & Kevin Gilbert)
Tears For Fears-Everybody Loves A Happy Ending-Everybody Loves A Happy Ending-2004
Thin Lizzy-Still In Love With You-Live And Dangerous-1978 (Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson)
The Fixx-Stand Or Fall (Extended Version)-Shuttered Room-1982
Thomas Dolby-I Live In A Suitcase-Astronauts & Heretics-1992
Ambrosia-For Openers (Welcome Home)-Road Island-1982 (Burleigh Drummond)
Sweet-Set Me Free-Desolation Boulevard-1975 (Andy Scott)
Canvas-Valkyrie Days-Long Way To Mars-2013
Echolyn-How Long I Have Waited-As The World-1995
Zero One-Red Glasses-Darwin's Finch Vs The Flying Saucers-1991 (Jeff Ciampa)
Rob Crow-(Keep Feeling) Fascination-Single-2009
Tarney/Spencer Band-No Time To Lose-Run For Your Life-1979
Chick Corea-Lenore-The Leprechaun-1976 (Steve Gadd)
Special Providence-Fences Of Reality-Soul Alert-2011
Todd Rundgren-Black Maria-Something/Anything?-1972
Helmet Of Gnats-Junkfish-Travelogue-2020
David Gilmour-Short And Sweet-David Gilmour-1978
Sweet-Into The Night-Desolation Boulevard-1975 (Mick Tucker)
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