The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 682
In Focus-"Armageddon"-1975



Styx-Midnight Ride-Equinox-1975

Loeb & Laverne-Magic Fingers-Magic Fingers-1990 (Dave Weckl)

Schon & Hammer-I'm Talking To You-Untold Passion-1981

Jean-Luc Ponty-Enigmatic Ocean-Enigmatic Ocean-1977 (Steve Smith & Allan Holdsworth)

Downes Braide Association-Lighthouse-Skyscraper Souls-2017

The Jelly Jam-Coming Round-2-2004 (Rod Morgenstein & Ty Tabor)

Lalle Larsson's Weave World-A Demon's Kiss-Infinity Of Worlds-2010 (Jonas Reingold)

ZZ Top-Manic Mechanic-Deguello-1979

Armageddon-Buzzard-Armageddon-1975 (Keith Relf)


Joe Walsh-Meadows-The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get-1973 (Joe Vitale)

Joe Walsh-Dreams-The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get-1973

Nathan Mahl-Beyond The Rims Of Despair-The Clever Use Of Shadows-1998

UFO-Let It Roll-Force It-1975 (Michael Schenker)

Wojtek Pilichowski-Old Fashion Show-Vandal-2018

Flying Colors-Infinite Fire-Flying Colors-2012 (Steve Morse & Neal Morse)

Kings X-Honesty-Ogre Tones-2005 (Ty Tabor)

Colosseum II-Night Creeper-Strange New Flesh-1976 (Gary Moore & Jon Hiseman)

Armageddon-Silver Tightrope-Armageddon-1975 (Bobby Caldwell)


Phish-You Enjoy Myself-Junta-1988


Phish-Roggae-The Story Of The Ghost-1998

Transatlantic-The Sun Comes Up Today-The Absolute Universe/Forevermore-2021 (Mike Portnoy)

Return To Forever-Medieval Overture (1976)-The Anthology-2008  (Lenny White) (Remix)

Nektar-Remember The Future (Part 1)-Remember The Future-1973 (Ron Howden)

Jefferson Starship-Awakening-Freedom At Point Zero=1979 (Aynsley Dunbar)

Armageddon-Paths And Planes And Future Gains-Armageddon-1975 (Martin Pugh)


Canvas-Weather-Long Way To Mars-2013

Peter Gabriel-White Shadow-Peter Gabriel-1978 (Tony Levin & Robert Fripp)

Brand X-Disco Suicide-Moroccan Roll-1977 (Phil Collins & John Goodsall)

The Guess Who-No Time-Canned Wheat-1969

Bob Frye-Box Of Stars-Uzoma-2015

The Tangent-Clearing The Attic-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (Morgan Agren & Jonas Reingold)

New Triumvirat-The Rich Man And The Carpenter-Pompeii-1977 (Curt Cress)

Joni Mitchell-Off Night Back Street-Don Juan's Reckless Daughter-1977 (Jaco Pastorius)

Armageddon-Last Stand Before-Armageddon-1975 (Louis Cennamo)


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