The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 606
In Focus-The Guess Who-Share The Land-1970
N.R.G.-Morning Light-No Reasons Given-1984 (Kevin Gilbert)
Giraffe-Everything We Are-The Power Of Suggestion-1987 (Stan Cotey & Kevin Gilbert)
Toy Matinee-The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge-Live At The Roxy-1991 (Tim Pierce & Kevin Gilbert)
Kevin Gilbert-Goodness Gracious (demo)(1992)-Thud-2016
Steve Hackett-Under The Eye Of The Sun-At The Edge Of Light-2018
Robin Trower-Day Of The Eagle-Bridge Of Sighs-1974
Ronnie Johnson-Burundi Bros-Give Them Enough Rope-1990
The Outlaws-Gunsmoke-Hurry Sundown-1977 (Hughie Thomasson & Henry Paul)
April Wine-Silver Dollar-First Glance-1978
Al DiMeola-Suite: Golden Dawn-Land Of The Midnight Sun-1976 (Jaco Pastorius & Alphonse Mouzon)
The Guess Who-Do You Miss Me Darlin'-Share The Land-1970 (Burton Cummings)
Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand.Cannot.Erase.-2015 (Marco Minnemann & Adam Holzman)
Refugee-Papillion-Refugee-1974 (Patrick Moraz)
Tim Morse-Wake Up-III-2018
Tim Morse-Adrift (2004)-The Archaeology Project-2020
The Aristocrats-All Said And Done-You Know What...?-2019 (Beller, Govan & Minnemann)
Moon Safari-Heartland-Lover's End-2010
The Beach Boys-Surf's Up-Surf's Up-1971
Alain Caron-Enhanced-Septentrion-2010
XTC-My Bird Performs-Nonsuch-1992 (Dave Gregory)
Van Halen-Secrets-Diver Down-1982
The Guess Who-Hand Me Down World-Share The Land-1970 (Kurt Winter)
The Guess Who-Share The Land-Share The Land-1970 (Greg Leskiw)
Brand X-Born Ugly-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (John Goodsall & Percy Jones)
Brand X-Disco Suicide-Moroccan Roll-1977 (Robin Lumley & Phil Collins)
Brand X-Deadly Nightshade-Masques-1978 (Chuck Burgi & Morris Pert)
City Boy-Honeymooners-Young Men Gone West-1978
Nad Sylvan-Carry Me Home-Courting The Widow-2015 (Nick Beggs & Nick D'Virgilio)
James Gang-Things I Could Be-Thirds-1971 (Joe Walsh)
Helmet Of Gnats-Surging Valente-Travelogue-2020 
Journey-In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations-Journey-1975 (Aynsley Dunbar)
The Guess Who-Hang On To Your Life-Share The Land-1970 (Jim Kale)
Canvas-Johnny Don't Know-Long Way To Mars-2013
Nick D'Virgilio-Snake Oil Salesman-Invisible-2020 (Tony Levin & Stan Cotey)
Frank Wyatt & Friends-Twelve Jumps-Zeitgeist-2019 (Stan Whitaker)
Beardfish-Roulette-Sleeping In Traffic:Part One-2007
Triumvirat-Flashback/School Days-Illusions On A Double Dimple-1973
Lalle Larson's Weaveworld-A Demon's Kiss-Infinity Of Worlds-2010 (Jonas Reingold)
Flying Colors-A Place In Your World-Third Stage: Live In London-2020 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
The Man From RavCon-Max The Cat-Another World-2018
The Guess Who-Palmyra-Share The Land-1970 (Garry Peterson)
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