The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 659
In Focus-New Triumvirat-"Pompeii"-1977

Moon Safari-Yasgur's Farm-Blomljud-2008

Schon & Hammer-I'm Talking To You-Untold Passion-1981

Steve Hackett-Squonk-Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More-2022 (Nad Sylvan)

Nad Sylvan-The Hawk-Spiritus Mundi-2021 (Andrew Laitres)

Shwizz-Bad Sushi-II-2019

Klaatu-Silly Boys-Sir Army Suit-1978

Ambrosia-(For Openers) Welcome Home-Road Island-1982 (Burleigh Drummond)


Santana-Primera Invasion/Searchin'-Zebop-1981 (Graham Lear)

New Triumvirat-The Earthquake 62 AD-Pompeii (Curt Cress)


Marillion-Bitter Suite-Misplaced Childhood-1985

Marillion-Heart Of Lothian-Misplaced Childhood-1985

Kansas-Musicatto/Taking In The View-Power-1986 (Steve Morse)

Kevin Gilbert-The Way Back Home-The Shaming Of The True-2000 (Nick D'Virgilio)

Jeff Berlin-Smiles Story & Morning Grins-Jack Songs-2022

Toto-Georgy Porgy-Toto-1978

Toto-Manuela Run-Toto-1978

The New Tony Williams Lifetime-Fred-Believe It-1975 (Allan Holdsworth)

Planet P Project-Armageddon-Planet P Project-1983

New Triumvirat-Journey Of A Fallen Angel-Pompeii-1977 (Jurgen Fritz)


Mahogany Rush-Moonlight Lady-Strange Universe-1975 (Frank Marino)

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-You Got Livin'-What's Next-1980

Frank Marino-Strange Dreams-Juggernaut-1982

Bruteus-Third Stone From The Sun-Bruteus-2015

The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Love Or Confusion-Are You Experienced-1967

Jeff Beck & Seal-Manic Depression-Stone Free Jimi Hendrix Tribute-1993

Weather Report-Black Market-Black Market-1976 (Chester Thompson & Jaco Pastorius)

Steve Morse Band-Book Of Dreams-Stand Up-1985 (Rod Morgenstein & Jerry Peek)

Tribal Tech-Face First-Face First-1993 (Scott Henderson)

Journey-In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations-Journey-1975 (Aynsley Dunbar)

Antares-Closer-Out Of Sight-1998

Crack The Sky-Give Myself To You-Safety In Numbers-1977

New Triumvirat-Viva Pompeii-Pompeii-1977 (Dieter Petereit)


Canvas-Lost In Transit-Digital Pigeon-2007

Robert Berry-Different Strings-Subdivisions (Tribute To Rush)-2005 (Vinnie Moore)

Lux Terminus-Effusion-The Courage To Be-2018

King Crimson-Three Of A Perfect Pair-Three Of A Perfect Pair-1984 (Bill Bruford)


Nektar-Astral Man-Down To Earth-1974

Genesis-Keep It Dark-Abacab-1981

Chad Austin-Pressure Comes Down-This Island I-1997

Stanley Clarke-I Know Just How You Feel-Time Exposure-1984

Jeff Beck-Beck's Bolero-Truth-1968

Blue Oyster Cult-Don't Turn Your Back-Fire Of Unknown Origin-1981

New Triumvirat-The Rich Man And The Carpenter-Pompeii-1977 (Barry Palmer)


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