The Lounsberry Guitar Pedals are very responsive and can go from warm semi-clean to full on classic rock crunch. They retain clarity and work well with complex chord shapes such as Maj7 chords (dime any Lounsberry Pedal and play a Maj7 chord and be surprised). Lounsberry Guitar Pedals are hand built by progressive rock guitarist Greg Lounsberry, (of the bands Canvas and October Tree) one at a time. Greg uses point to point wiring and fish paper circuit boards with wiring techniques reminiscent of 1950's guitar amps.

A Nigel with the back off to show Greg's wiring technique...

Greg Lounsberry with the Toy Robot low gain FET/ germanium (diode) overdrive.

Steve Spayde playing through the Nigel!
Used my Flying V with custom Zhangligun Woodbucker/Slugbucker pups.....started out with both on, switched to bridge 2nd time through. I played through my old 57 tweed Deluxe (not a reissue), miced with an old Fender condenser mic. The amp wasn't overdriving at all on its own. The Nigel was set about 3/4 drive.

Steve Spayde